Christopher is an artist and photographer, living and working in Hong Kong.


Christopher’s inspirations are drawn from the cinema and the city. The influence of the films of Lynch, Kubrick and Tarkovsky are easily identifiable in his work. His quiet yet cinematic images look to explore the inner life of his subjects. Gently unraveling the confines which surround us all, exposing venerability in darkness and beauty. His most recent work for his first solo exhibition ‘Some Dream’ combined photographs of people in moments of contemplation and introspection with details and accents of the city in which they live. This combination of inward thought and outward, abstract reflection has a haunting, dream like quality. Using predominantly analogue cameras and 35mm film, Christopher’s images glisten with colour and light.

Christopher was also part of a group show at Light Stage Gallery during Art Basel week. His work was shown alongside iconic Hong Kong street photographer Fan Ho and a number of international Artists. He is currently working towards his second solo show, a darker more abstract take on Hong Kong street photography. These large scale diptychs draw inspiration from the paintings of Francis Bacon.